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Sunday, 4 July 2010

In a Pickle

The guitar cinco met up at Mari's house as the community centre is closed until September. Thirty degrees on her porch. Restrung Miranda's guitar. Mari had made an apricot cake. We all had such a great time laughing that we forget to take the other guitars out of their cases.

There are a hundred gherkins in the garden. I have made two jars full but nobody else likes them.. Hollyhocks out. I have never grown them before.

Mushroom, brown clouds in the sky. Poisoned myself with homemade soup two days ago. Not getting much done.

Alice who used to be Frank is still stuck on her boat in England. She was supposed to be scudding across France by now.


  1. Just reading "Alice who used to be Frank" made my day. No explanation. Just the statement. Made me smile. And the pickle is perfect. Love it!

  2. It's best not to explain about Alice who used to be Frank...but we are good friends.

  3. Does anyone like gherkins or are they only grown to remind us how truly awful vegetables can be?

  4. Ah...Madame DeFarge...I haven't actually tried them yet. They are sitting in a mulitude of spices. The ones outside are out of control.


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