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Saturday, 10 July 2010

It's too Hot

Up in the mid-thirties here. I looked at this drawing earlier and thought...I wonder if" Posh you know who I mean", wears pointy shoulder pads or are her real shoulders that shape without clothes?Eeerg
Hey! How about a book about spooky models? I already have a drawing of a skeleton with an expensive handbag.

Anyway, this is about the drawings in the Voynich manuscript.

I am only counting the minutes to a mammoth glass of chilled white wine and watching "Goya's Ghosts."


  1. I've just consumed half an hour (and a small bucket of gin) flitting around the Voynich site. What's THAT all about??? Never can so much academic effort have been expended on something which remains (and was probably designed to be) totally incomprehensible. Shame Borges never turned his mind to this, entirely his territory (although to be fair he was blind ...).

    Have to say, though, Rosie, that some of your pictures have a kind of Voynichian effect on me! (That's a compliment by the way)

  2. I think her shoulders ARE that shape because sometimes we have life models who are stick thin and have knobbly shoulders! Mammoth glass? Just the one? ;o)x

  3. The Voynish Manuscript is fascinating. I wish I had thought of it first. Compliment gratefully accepted. you think she may have hooves as well_


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