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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Curtis King Band

I wish I could see this band live.


  1. Your guitar group sounds great fun! It's so much better to go to someone's house isn't it than a community hall? I'm not sure I'd want to see this particular band live.... my friend saw Rodrigo and Gabriela at Glastonbury, I am so jealous. xx

  2. Oh, my youth, staring me in the face! Dave Anthony's Moods did all those songs back there in 1966, very differently of course. It's a source of eternal frustration, and sadness, that no record exists. But good to see the flame is still burning over in the motor city.

  3. There must be a record somewhere. Would you like me to ask my friend in Edinburgh for a specific title?

  4. Oh, there are records, i.e. recordings of the band, I have them all! What I meant was that there's no record of the live performances. But thanks for the offer.


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