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Friday, 2 July 2010

Fine Boobs.

The local police and council have come up with another summer, money-making scam. They are going to fine lady tourists three hundred euros if they go into a shop or restaurant wearing only a bikini. Tomorrow is "Operacion Salida" here in Spain. This means millions of Spaniards are leaving the cities and heading for the beaches...or Florida...depending on job status.

There are also hoards of Russians and Czechs here now and their ladies are six-foot godesses and probably trained in military warfare. Are there any notices around town saying "Please do not wear your bikini here." You bet there isn't.

I sense blood on the streets soon.


  1. You should mobilise the Russian and Czech amazon resistance. A flashmob - forty of them walk into a selected restaurant, in their bikinis, then phone the police and say "OK, bring it on!"

    Can I be there to watch please?

  2. It's going to be a bloody fight. Average height of a policeman here is five foot six, average age twenty three. Do you want to book in advance?

  3. Nah, on second thoughts, I can get all that on BBC3.

  4. There's a film in there somewhere.

  5. Ooh. That could be messy.

  6. The sirens have started...


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