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Friday, 12 February 2010

My Dog Loves The Sea.

Actually, my dog does not like water at all. In fact he walks around puddles...which reminds me of a poem I once read about a prisoner who stepped around a puddle on the way to his execution. Oh well, at least the haircut looks even worse today. I didn't think that would be possible and the fact that it grows about three centimeters a year means I'm going to look like a real twit for about the next decade.


  1. Is this Rog's Lily?
    Love the drawing and the border around it.

  2. I've never met Lily...I've never met Rog, ha, ha.

  3. Ah yes, it could be the Lilster. She does like a back stroke.

  4. Lilster is the one who refuses to wear "Old Spice"?


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