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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

General Stirrup.

This formidable man is a drawing by Heath Robinson. It turns out I cannot draw military men myself. So's the girlfriend.

And I will be interested to see if the text is between the two pictures...instead of below both. Have a nice day. It's freezing here.


  1. Your text was in between the unlikely couple.

    I may nick the top one as a realistic avatar!

  2. Yes, the cyclist could be me too...well the bike bit anyway. I guess there is no copyright on it. It's from a book well over fifty years old.

  3. Yes, text in right place - reveal your secret please!
    Your General sent me back to my 'Penguin Heath Robinson' - he's not in there, but several splendid military men are, interwoven amongst the other consummate lunacies. (This book was marked 'copyright Mrs Heath Robinson 1966', by the way.)

  4. Tim, I don't know that particular Heath Robinson book. I admire his drawings and sense of humour enormously!


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