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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Chicken Chausseur

First, catch your chicken...
I hate going to the's on a close par with visiting the dentist. Both occurring at roughly eight month intervals. So this week it was the turn of the hairdresser. Deep down I would like to look sophisticated, with a touch of Italian design perfect, a sploosh of French cutting edge. I emerged victorious as a Ken Dodd double. I'm starting to look like my dog.

Alice who used to be Frank has gone to Britain so we have her very, very large dog who tries to murder Arthur by sitting on him. I will be on constant watch!!

Above done in Artrage.


  1. How tickled you must have been.
    Love the colours.

  2. I've never done glamour, my hair these days now wants to be strawlike so have given up! Thanks for the music links below. :)

  3. We all look like our dogs eventually Rosie. No bad thing in most cases.

  4. I was not tickled! Ken Dodd scared me to bits as a kid. I don't do glamour (but I'd like to) and dog is Tibetan!


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