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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Dog, Master and Bear.

And, then comes my favourite bit...colouring in.
There is a very, very large dog staying here but I think she is missing her owner. She refuses to go for a walk and sleeps all day. Anyone know any tricks for cheering up dogs?


  1. There is another dog here but they ignore each other :(

  2. Okay, rub the other dog with eau de kitty and watch the fun begin. Confusion will reign.

    Seriously, sorry to hear about the sad pining dog. I've been through that with animals. No matter how much you cajole they just look away with sad eyes. Heartbreaking.

  3. Yes, and she is the size of a small horse so should be frolicking and running. She looks even sadder whn I take Arthur for a walk but she refuses to leave the garden. Thank goodness her owner is back on Thursday!! But she's eating fine...


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