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Sunday, 22 February 2009


Everybody in the town is asleep right now because it was carnival yesterday which explains why there were so many four foot tall vampires on the way home on Friday. So last night was party night and they are very upset in the next town that the ayuntamiento didn't dish out hot chocolate like they usually do.
Everybody talks about the crisis here, but quite honestly, all the locals own vast tracts of land which they sell off periodically, or have restaurants, gas stations, many apartments that they rent out and they all go to the Dominican Republic after Christmas. The son of the lace teacher here owns all the one armed bandits and pinball machines between here and Valencia. But at least the sun brightens up the world here.


  1. You have a lace teacher?? Gosh. We don't get that in Berkshire.

  2. Jessie, mine is from Madrid. Probably primos.

  3. Tim, yes there's a great collection of classes in the local community centre. Guitar, piano, lacemaking, castanets, salsa, rather odd Catalan dancing, Catalan language,ballet for kids, intergration into Spain for immigrants,a social club for oldies, patchwork, embroidery, boules (outside) and it has a theatre, which sadly, is rarely used.


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