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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Laptop, black screen.

Windows is so terribly sorry for the inconvenience but it can't open Windows properly. Have you tried F8? Yes, I have. Do you want it to start normally? Yes, please, that would be terrific. Do you want to start the computer with the last successful configuration? Yes, super.
Did any of it work? No.
The laptop is on the fritz. The usb ports don't work on this one so I can't use the Wacom tablet. Why do computers do this? It was fine yesterday.


  1. ...bleedin' technology! Can't live without it now though! ;)

  2. Just a suggestion, probably won't work but it has for me in the past, though on a desktop rather than laptop:
    1. Unplug everything, including the power cord.
    2. Press the 'power on' button for at least ten seconds.
    3. Plug it all back in and try again.

  3. I'll just go and try that. I guess I take out the battery too?


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