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Saturday, 21 February 2009


I know I've posted this fellow before but I just wanted to rant. Well, not really. I'm in a good mood but the phone rang this morning and it was a builder who is going to give us an estimate for retiling the ghastly floors.
He wanted to speak to Patrick and I said, "He's not here right now but you can pop round today when he's back. What time would be good?"
"Can you come today?"
"'s a fiesta today. I'll have to arrange a visit with Patrick."
"You can arrange a visit right now. What time can you come?" This is to give us an estimate right?"
"What about tomorrow then?"
"Well it's Sunday tomorrow."
"Monday then (fer Gud's sake)?
"I work on week days. Tell Patrick to call me."

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR as he puts down phone. This makes me mad. The blokes here will only talk about business with other men. We ladies do not count. This really makes me mad as this particular lady is paying for the blooming job.
It also makes me mad when I transfer any money from my old account in Scotland to a joint account here that the bank always puts the transaction in Patrick's name. Even though I repeatedly tell them that my name is NOT Patrick. So every transaction I have ever made in Spain is in somebody else's name!!
There, rant over.

The sun is out and a very small bird sat on the wall outside and sang and sang.


  1. How annoying is ThAT?! Things haven't moved on as much as we hoped have they?x

  2. It's still machoman stuff here but it's all a pretence. They are all big softies really.


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