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Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Siege of Miravet

The sea mist is down. I am strangely restless with no wacom tablet and am actually considering getting out paper and paint. The last time I used watercolours was making the Christmas cards.
Too cold to cycle but here's a beautiful Baden Powell piece.

New set of people in the guitar trio, which depending on the moon is either a trio, a duo or a quartet. I thought I recognised the lady next to me. She said "What's your surname?" So I told her. "Ah yes, number 19. You get a lot of books from Amazon."
That's right...she's Pia the postman...lady.


  1. Get thee to those watercolours! Great guiter piece by the way :)x

  2. Well, I would but...there's no heating in this room so my hands are sort of lobster claws right now.


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