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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The First Snowflakes

Personal batteries restored. Listening to John Martyn on the headphones. What a magic voice he had.
The above drawing is a detail from the illustrations I am doing for thirty one pieces of music. It came out utterly different from what I had envisaged, which convinces me even more that sometimes one can tap into some kind of startreck land where you can pick up a piece of music, borrow a line to draw or dance with. That may make me sound like a moron but you know what I mean.


  1. It looks like visual jazz to me.

  2. You must have an inborn sense of numbers! The drawing is actually drawn onto a fractal and then I fiddled around with it in Photoshop. Mathematical music, visual jazz. Seems to me everything in the universe is all joined up in a great big sum!

  3. It is! The Music of the Spheres. I became fascinated by this relationship decades ago, when I read a musical theory book and realised that the key elements - melody, harmony, rhythm - all obey mathematical laws. Much later, I read another book, about chaos theory, which demonstrated the same kind of relationship between maths and visual beauty as expressed in fractals ...
    This conversation would be better conducted face to face over a glass of wine, but failing that a blog will have to do for now. However, my email address, which I don't keep secret, is

  4. Linkwithin just took me to this ...


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