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Friday, 20 February 2009

Music Lovers

Aha! The weasels are coming out the woodwork as Spring approaches. A couple of weeks ago an ageing pair of hippies turned up in a sixties Volkswagen looking for Henry next door. But Henry, since he remarried, is more elusive then ever.
"Remarried?" they cried with heavy Bavarian accents. "What again?!" They drove off but came back and parked outside his house for an hour . In shock at not having a free place to stay anymore I suppose.
Then, a few days later the Police turn up asking if we had seen Henry or his new wife. Not in plain clothes this time, as they were a month ago, but in full "We're six foot four and yes that is a gun you see on my belt" uniform.
Well, anyway, the German electrician who just fixed the sitting room lights says Henry's new wife stabbed her ex...which is kind of odd because our neighbours on the other side are also German and Mrs neighbour on the other side arrived on our doorstep two days after they moved in to say her husband had fallen on a dagger. I spent the night with them in the emergency department of the hospital because they didn't speak Spanish. (He survived)
Blimey, like living in one of those soap operas here.
The Boob Lady is back on the other side of the road. I call her that because she used to walk around topless all the time..."Bonjour Rosie!"
It's quite an international street really.
Guitar this afternoon. Melodia para dos guitarras (Schuman).
Oh, and finally, you have to watch "American Cousins".


  1. I'm trying to convey the idea of a guitar being like a lover but all I get is strangely disjointed heads!

  2. Looks like an interesting tune they're playing though.

  3. Yes, it's in A flat...sorry, British sense of humour.


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