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Saturday, 7 February 2009

La Sirena

It was supposed to be the sea meeting the beach but the occupants hogged their way in. The mermaid has sort of caught my attention. She has no nose but then I guess she doesn't need one that much. Oh God, do I get an Apple iMac or a PC? This is my only chance coming up..........If you have a Mac please tell me why I should get one. I want to use the computer for illustration, animation, music, video making, tons of graphics. What do I do? Advice please.


  1. If you'd like advice from someone who knows nothing of these things, then I'd advise a Mac because that's what designery types seem to have these days. (That's what I'd get if I was able to choose!)x

  2. I would prefer a Mac but the technical service is pretty bad here. Apple is not big in Spain yet. However the local PC guy is making me an offer and a promise of technical support if I buy off him!

  3. PC has far more filters for PS, PSP, etc, and far more free ones at that (as well as freeware, etc). This is because of the 90 percent market share...But Macs are far easier to work, they crash a whole lot less, and their operating system is far better designed: In a word, it's far stabler all around. It has far fewer 'open ports' (avenues for hackers & viruses to invade) and has the reputation for one of the most stable & friendly computers on the market. I've worked on Windows, Linux & Mac, and Mac OS X is simply wonderful. (Linux is too, but it's open source, you have to know how to use it...) But, being appr. 10 percent of the market, it's hard to get service for it, as you saw. If you're not near an apple dealer, you're probably better off with Windows, unless you don't mind buying on the web & installing yourself. I've done that, but it takes time...Good luck, hope you find what you need! m

  4. Thanks Mark. I think it will have to be Windows. I sort of live in cowboy land. Once I have a 22 inch monitor I will never see humans again, ha, ha.


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