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Sunday, 8 February 2009

I live in a Sea

It's freezing again, and the wind still howling. When is it going to turn into a balmy breeze? Almost got knocked off the bike by an A.G. (Agressive Mother). She's driving a four by four, talking into her mobile phone and doesn't stop at the white line which I am currently cycling past but since I am used to the ones that slam open the passenger doors without looking first I am now adept at astral projecting both the bike and myself in such situations.
These aggressive mothers are so angry at the world, and the fact they have to ferry their kids to school, that they drive as if possessed,heads spinning around their mobiles. It takes two policemen to control their erratic and inaccurate parking while they drop off and pick up various packs of siblings.

Saw an oversized kid lowering himself over the wall into the garden of a house that is being restored down by the railway line. He's either in there to cart off some free paint/varnish/tools or to smoke dope. It occurred to me afterwards that because of the angle of the land he's never going to be able to hoist himself back out. I suppose I'll check tomorrow as I go by.

The above is the beginnings of an idea for "When the sea meets the beach."
Here's a fellow that paints with a piano.


  1. You made me laugh about the oversized kid that might still be stuck there the next day!x


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