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Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Jessie Lilac has sent me this which is an award, which is very nice of her. Apparently I am supposed to write seven things that mean the world to me but this reminds me of a time when a doctor once asked how I saw my place in the world in five years time and I said I couldn't see anything except a great big, black hole and he put me on anti depressants for two years, ha, ha. Seven things? Crikey, this is going to take days to work out. Seven...or was it five?

And, I think I'm supposed to send this award to five other bloggers but I don't know five other bloggers. I know two, and one of them sent me the award. Blogging is quite surreal isn't it? There's some kind of mathematical thing going on here. I'm off to look for an old drawing about Oscar winners.
Here is a nice voice and super video...


  1. now you know another one ME. let's be friends, love your art.

  2. Jump onboard. Don't take me too seriously, ha, ha. I like your blog too!

  3. mmmmwaaaha ha! Sorry Rosie, your lovely drawings deserve to see a bit more daylight! ;)x

  4. You mean I don't get to do a Kate Winslet or a Halley Berry?


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