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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Blue Skies

I'm cycling along the beach when the lady that teaches lacemaking flagged me down to inform me that the couple outside the camper van were from Scotland, and wasn't that where I was from, and look, look, they've seen us, go and have a chat, imagine, all the way from Scotland. Anyway, I did, a couple all the way from Musselburgh, though they live in England now. In fact I got an almost complete life history of this couple's start as a budding rugby player (him) (accident stopped play), to travels through Asia, commitments with grandchildren(her) and then the elderly man who used to run a restaurant shuffles by and tells the couple I am a Scot, then for good measure he adds "Speaky English, goodnight, Frankfurt, ya, fiel, combien monsieur, Scotland, whisky, ja, ja. Good morning. Yo ando pero ella (pointing at bike) con la bici. Good morning."
"Buenos dias," the couple reply.
"Buenos dias," reply two guys leaning against the wall. "Ah, vaya tiempo y gratis!"
"Buen precio, " I say.
"Buenos dias, gracias," the couple reply."

I could go on but I won't. My slice of toast shot out of the toaster and down the back of the washing machine this morning...twice.


  1. Your toaster has good intentions, but obviously needs training. Think of it as a puppy.

  2. You mean like teach it to retrieve?

  3. Fluffy toast for you today then.


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