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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ratbag Sunday

Click image to enlarge if you're not in a hurry
I am well aware that I start many things and never finish them so I am trying to alter my brain patterns before I run out of time. Severe lunar activity is prompting me to actually try and put together a book of cartoons and self-publish like the rest of the world on Lulu or wherever.
I urge you to listen to the music below. I cannot understand why the whole world doesn't know of this composer. Managed to buy two tracks from iTunes...and a remarkable app...that names all the stars in the sky, plus drawings of constellations, plus satellites...and, and, and...but I love any kind of gadgets. In September I will be plodding through starlit fields and
Oh, and does anybody know of any computer software that can record guitar playing and turn it into sheet music?...I guess not yet.


  1. The indians are at least as small as me thank you.
    Ifuriatingly, the audio on my computer is broken - I can't begin to guess why I don't know of the composer but I'll investigate as soon as I can get the wretched thing bleeping again.
    I think Finale had something like that but I'm not sure if it supported guitar. I'd be surprised if Sibelius doesn't too. My music software is so old and so out of date that I can't offer a link but they're quite well known programmes though horrifically expensive.

  2. Mig, thank you. I will look up that software.


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