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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Juggler with small dog in disguise.

Pictures still duplicating themselves in the artwork folder....aaaarrrgggggg...32 degrees...figs splitting, fruit flies. Breaking down and heading for a gin and tonic in about two hours.
Computer has gone mental. Gie us a break, Jimmy.


  1. I get annoying duplicates when I use the control button to select more than one file and it never wants to work for me! I get hundreds of ones the same! So annoying. Hope the G&T hits the spot.xx

  2. 32º? You should be so lucky - 35º here, rapidly approaching blood-heat, collapse of the system and disinclination to go outdoors, even to cross the sole-scorching flagstones to reach the pool. Massive fig crop no comfort. G&T definitely the answer. Salud y pesetas.

  3. It's a heatwave here too today.

  4. Jessie:Do you know how to get rid of the duplicates without having to delete them one by one?


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