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Friday, 19 August 2011

The man in the piano

When I was small I had an old Victorian piano and there was a face inlayed in the wood like this one here. I never forgot the face or the fact that the sneaky parents sold the piano when I wasn't looking. I still wonder where it is...
Here is a clip to remind one it is better to see the funny side of things sometimes. Click the film about the man in the bath...


  1. I do have a piano, of course (you can just see part of it, or at least of the stool, at Lydian Airs today), which I did acquire from a dealer in Elgin, but there is no face on it. Nor am I the man in the bath, tho' there are certain resemblances.

    Is it possible that the very end, where the bather lands very conveniently at the point of take-off, is in fact the take-off shown backwards?

    Happy Friday

  2. I don't think the landing is the take off. I will look but I did once live next to a Lady Elgin...yes, her of the marbles but she must have departed this world ages ago. Perhaps she had my piano?


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