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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's red all over! It's red all over!

The most astonishing event of the morning being that Henry next door arrived to return the money he had borrowed for his plane ticket last October. So far, his shouting has remained way below his normal scale. Did he get a hearing aid?
There is much, much housework that needs doing but I remain in much, much not doing anything mode...BUT! I have ONE fingernail on the right hand that I have honed to perfect form and smoothness. The thumb is finally growing. I haven't had a decent set of nails in ages. No, it's not a Barbie thing.


  1. I'm afraid I'm really stuck for anything sensible to say.

    But while I'm here, what chance of another Maureen soon?

  2. Did you want to buy a comet?

  3. A valuable asset a good set of fingernails - or even a pair but I expect you need a whole set for the guitar?

  4. I'm afraid I don't really encourage "sensible" here but I will put on amy Maureen hat and see what happens.

    Two comets please.

    I should have a complete set in about three weeks.

  5. So are we discussing the fingernail, a mistaken telephone box or the Aurora Borealis here?

  6. Just take it with a grain of sand.

  7. How about a hatful of sand?
    BTW on the LH front I've been researching. Felix Happer.
    Happer is a french verb, to snap up or grab. I wonder if this was where Bill Forsyth got it from.
    "Je vais happer cette propriété"


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