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Sunday, 26 June 2011

More hats

An eerie silence outside as the temperature in the shade on the porch reaches thirty again. The pumpkin leaves are drooping, not even a bird singing. 40 degrees in Castilla y Leon yesterday. The cold water tap is running hot and, since cycling and swimming are off limits at the moment, I have severe cabin fever. A pox on old lady legs and a curse on an allergy to chlorine for God's sake. How does one develop an allergy to chlorine out of the blue? Well, out of the last four years. I should have never given up smoking. I think about cigarettes constantly at the moment.
Big batch of vichysoisse in the fridge.


  1. Poor Rosie. So sorry. Resist all temptation to smoke the vichyssoise. You could safely swim in it, though.

  2. Pay no heed, I'm just whingeing.

  3. I'm smoking at the moment, and trust me, it's hateful. I will stop soon. I know you can resist the temptation. And look on the bright side - your spelling's getting better!

  4. These are wonderful. I'm getting a crazy balloon people vibe. All of them talking at the same time after inhaling helium.

  5. Tim: My spelling went up in smoke years ago.

    Tattered and Lost: I am very, very tempted to go out and buy a helium baloon and do my own soundtrack, except it makes me laugh uncontrollably...


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