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Friday, 3 June 2011


I downloaded Corel Painter,.that's me on a different planet for a while.
Well, now I have two new butano cylinders but still no hot water but we all love having a bath from an electric kettle don't we?
Even Edith de France brought her husband (ex-commando) to try and light the pilot light but he couldn't either. I'll just go and roll around in the grass then .
There's a restaurant on the west coast of Scotland in Malvaig. I cannot think of a nicer place to eat out. Here's a link...


  1. You need ex-RAF to deal with pilots.

  2. This morning's questionnaire:

    1. Are you growing cucumbers in your garden?

    2. Could you not have had a nice hot bath at Melvaig?

  3. I'm afraid I only have access to a Foreign Legion commando.
    Cauliflower, broad beans, mangetout, tomatoes, lettuce, savoy cabbage, lemons, raspberries, wild strawberries, potatoes no cucumbers.


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