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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

It's awwffy cold up here.

And for those of you who are not in Scotland right's pretty much like this...


  1. Good to see you back, hope it was a good trip :-)
    And you had 100 mph winds up there didn't you?
    That's not Gruinard Island is it, where they had the anthrax?
    Is that a delectable "home with potential" in the background?

    Sorry, too many questions.

  2. Gale force winds, volcanic ash clouds, very close to anthrax isle, up the road from Gairloch, up the Cove raod until you fall off. Great trip.

  3. Is that the Scottish Parliament on the left?

  4. The Cove road? No! I had great friends at No. 16 Cove (houses numbered in the order in which they were built) but they've moved on now. Wonderful weather while we were in Scotland (photos at Lydian Airs a few days ago) - sorry it didn't last for you but honestly we weren't greedy with it.

  5. Ah yes, I remember Scotland in June. A picnic in the car while it snowed outside. My California barometer was not understanding at all.

  6. Just down the road from that village with the wonderful name Mellon Udrigle which always makes me think of a medieval musical instrument for some reason. Lovely beach.
    And just a skip & a jump from the only Monro I ever bagged, An Teallach, in August '76 (the hot one) when I had 2 weeks at Laide.
    Fabulous place.
    As you've said before Rosie, there seems to be an affinity round here with the Scottish west coast.

  7. It's a local hero sort of thing...large landscapes.

  8. News travels fast round here Mr Macintyre.

  9. Do you want to buy a comet now?

  10. You never said anything about comets before.
    That's opening up a whole new area of negotiation.


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