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Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Goon Show

I have to tip my hat to for causing this memory to surface from the depths of my past. I can still quite clearly hear my brother singing this to me and the intense horror it invoked in me.
I got the giggles in the guitar group last know the kind you can't stop...until you are crying with laughter...and it was because Raul on my right snorts like a pig when he makes a mistake and I said he should keep it in the performance and persuade the audience that it is a contemporary twist on the South American carnaval song we are playing...and then Jordi came back from the photocopy machine and thought Raul and I were laughing at him which we never would because we all worship him like a God but he doesn't know. Mia is asking what is so funny about making pig noises?
Edith and Maria are still away having extended their singing tour to take in the new, never-ending stream of grandchildren born outside Catalonia.
The sky is the colour of mushrooms, not even a dog barking...


  1. Falling off the sofa here yet again.

  2. Oh, wonderful. Haven't thought of that for a long, long time. Did he sing the flip side - was it Major Dennis Bloodnok's Rock and Roll-call Blues? - as well? We still quote a line from this in our family when appropriate (not very often): 'So let there be, always some cash for me' sometimes abbreviated to SLTBASCFM

    In fact, I think I feel it coming on now...

  3. Crash.....

    Christopher:I don't recall but he did imitate Michael Bentine too...well, pretty much he imitated everybody.


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