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Monday, 4 April 2011

The elusive man in the leopardskin cape.

Alice who used to be Frank has a zippy red, very fast sports car which we used to get to her appointment this afternoon. The new hospital is a marvel of soaring, glass ceilings with cathederal dimensions. The machines designed to take and read your credit card-style health cards had all been sellotaped over so it was back to the grumpy receptionists who are frightened to make eye contact.
There is still no sign of a suitable size car park so it was the usual scramble across wasteland covered with crazily parked cars. Leaping over ditches, running across roads. The majority of drivers here are not convinced by zebra crossings. Still, it's good to dice with lateral thinking every so often...although it can be habit forming.


  1. Erm...3 minutes? Is this a warning?

    (Were you very small as a child? Did you once play Gretl?)

  2. I am reminded of our son when small; he irritated his older sister and the rest of us with his ceaseless singing, even through meals.

  3. Christopher: I call him Telepathic Timbobig because he always logs on within minutes of myself. Yesterday it was three minutes.

    Eliz: What did he become as a grown up?

  4. Eliz: Oh, that must be a bit spooky after all that singing.


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