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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


By the law of the strange powers that be, I heard the soft unmistakeale (I'm not even going to bother to try and spell that, you know exactly what I mean) sound of tyre on baked earth behind me. Oh no....I am in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by scrub and invisible boars (except for the remains of their breakfasts). I am to meet my end in the place all women are not to supposed to go alone. There are boats offshore that dump people daily from foreign climes and I'm sure pick up some now and then too. I am never to be heard of again. The only weapon in my backpack is a pencil.
I slowly turn around...and hey! It's Alice who used to be Frank on her bike, waist- length blond hair streaming in the wind.
Well, it was very nice to have the company for a change.
The drawing has absolutely nothing to do with anything connected with me. The wacom tablet is channeling today. If there's a message in there for someone, please use it as you will.


  1. *is grateful for timeous reminder, finds long-handled cobweb brush in expectation of several days' celibacy coming to an end, discobwebs stairwell, settles down to goodly pint of unmistake ale*

  2. Discoweb? This is far too complicated to unravel.


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