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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ratbag siblings 2

This could go on for ever but I suppose I should sweep a floor now and then.
The wysteria is out in huge armfuls of creamy, violet flowers. The birds are peep, peeping, clouds racing by and here's some shocking photos...


  1. It was told of me as a very small child that I once clogged up the entire sanitation system by shovelling spadeful after spadeful of builder's sand down the only loo in the house. Please will you turn your gift for neologism to finding a suitable 'sand...' compound for this activity?

    Next, my son Nibus when a small child was discovered poking his slippers down the loo with a stick, crying 'Go down, you beasts'. Is there something hereditary here, would you say?

    Please advise.

  2. Completely genetic, I agree. I will ponder the sand...word.

  3. Love the cartoon Rosie! :)

  4. Ha, ha, Jessie, thanks. I feel more coming on...


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