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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

In the land of silly hats.

So, Edith de France is giving me a lift home from the guitar group and I see two police cars, four policemen and one police woman from the Mossos (special, scary police force) standing outside the house. And, I get that awful feeling somewhere behind me that I get when dead things are involved.
"It's the police," says Edith who has lived through Franco's reign. "Do you want me to drop you off round the corner?"

"I haven't done anything," I say.

"You really want to stop here?"

"I live here."

"Okay, give me a call if you need me or Fernando (ex-special forces)."

The police are looking for the Invisible Wife! She is a wanted lady back in her homeland. She is not in. They return at eight and then again at midnight. She slinks in at eight this morning. Now I really am wondering if Henry is okay. He's not been here since october.


  1. I like specially the dog. The story seems interesting, like from a mystery movie´s scene.

  2. Gripping! You will keep us posted, won't you?

    (Funny word, mossos. It's the same as 'mousse' in French, meaning lad or boy, especially referring to ship's boys, midshipmen, etc. I didn't know they were scary. I've always been a bit wary of the bombeiros, which looks a bit like bombers...)

  3. Do the Mossos do thumbscrews, waterboarding etc?

  4. Tim: Probably...and worse.

    Tomas: It's not a story. It's true.

    Christopher: All the Mossos are over six foot five. They are scary even to look at. And, they have eyes like Hanibal Lector.

  5. ElizT: He's barking as I type...


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