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Friday, 11 February 2011

Easy as black and white

You would think I'd know how to colour in by now. Manga Studio is confusing when try to export in colour.  "You can trust me," it yells at me.
I am not eating anymore French cheese. It gives me crazy dreams...


  1. Perhaps they're black knights and white knights. And angels aren't coloured, everyone knows that.

  2. Angels? Are they transparent, then? Maybe one can see through them?

  3. I used to get crazy dreams from drinking camomile tea. In fact I'd get animations running in my head before I went to sleep! It doesn't happen as much now, I think my system must be used to it!
    (Angels are white so you're ok.)

  4. Yes, but...where are you seeing angels in this illustration? I can't see all.

  5. Sorry, I just assumed that was an angel hovering over everyone, at the top. On second thoughts, she looks more like a benign mermaid, or maybe a duck. I'll sprinkle some cheese on my pasta and I'm sure all will become clear by the morning. (Oh, but it's Italian cheese, not French)

  6. And here I was thinking they were an historical representation of a group of people waiting to get into a Grateful Dead concert.

  7. It's not a duck, it's a ship's figurehead...pass the cheese, please.

    They do kind of look grateful dead.


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