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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Head wings

On my right there is a glass door with a thick cream coloured cotton curtain hanging on it. In the afternoon, as the sun shines through, it acts like a shadow theatre. The wind is blowing so hard I see the sillouhettes of dozens of birds and leaves hurling across the "screen".
This is what I am listening to so I am hovering inbetween realities here.

It's worth buying the album.


  1. Very beautiful indeed. This is the true reality. Thank you. About 10 years ago J. and I were lucky enough to hear Jarowsky in Montpellier singing in A.Scarlatti's 'Zedekiah' well before he reached he reached his present dizzy heights. I read 'hoovering' for 'hovering' at first.

  2. That must have been a great experience.
    Meanwhile, I like the idea of hoovering realities...sort of like living in a vacuum.


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