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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Cold bird

The sky is the colour of mushrooms. I bought a packet of blue corn kernals last year and because I didn't know what to do with them I left a few sitting on a damp paper towel a week ago. I bought them from a shop that imports from South America. If I am not sure how to cook something, I plant it...which explains the foot high radish outside.
Anyway, the corn kernals have exploded into strange, bamboo like plants. I am delighted, you never know what to expect from such things. I will let you know when they get tall enough to climb up.


  1. What will you do when you get to the top (of the bamboo, that is)?


  2. I like this thinky picture you got here.

    When thoughts have wings. heh.

  3. Thoughts with wings, I like that...what about motorized thoughts...


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