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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Captain MacKenzie

If you have nothing else to do you can click to enlarge. I just discovered the "symbol" library in Adobe illustrator. Well, I knew it was there but I had never found these particular symbols before. It's being inside a Tin Tin story.
What I do not get, however is why Illustrator reduced a nearly 3000pixel image into 700 and something pixels. What's that about?

Note to self:
There is no point in getting annoyed by Strictly Come Dancing  contestants whom I have never even met.


  1. Its the "strictly come dancing" trailers that makes me annoyed...I watch BBC to get away from advertising!

  2. I like "he wishes to Gods he isn't a lone..."

  3. They are going to be reading the news next.

  4. Eliz. You are a dab hand at words. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Absolutely nothing better to do.


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