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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Gee...a window

This may be upside down which tells you how long ago I made it. There were three more panels originally. Anyway, here's a link to  which made me remember that I actually made this at all. 
The sky is a brilliant blue today so I leaped on the bike and sailed down the road to the sea (Mr Boob Lady kindly blew up the tyres with his foot pump after watching me struggling from over the road).  Sometimes, I am intensely agoraphobic but I discovered today that with earplugs on low...the world seems a different I went for miles listening to this.

un, dos, tre, un, dos, tre, UN, DOS, TRE..


  1. DO NOT ride your bike with sounds on...
    We do not want to lose you Rosie..
    Love the picture,but then I would, wouldnt I.. ?

  2. Believe me the music is low and I push the bike through town. The people here drive like people possessed. The school run mothers are mad, cigarette in one hand, mobile in the other, elbows on the steering wheels.
    There are bunches of flowers tied to lamposts at most intersections. But, I do thank you for your advice.

  3. I love stained glass, you're so clever!
    You asked about my blog name/URL. I changed it back to Jessie Lilac within a day of changing it to Purpletreebird because I didn't realise the URL would have to change too. (I lost all my past comments in the process though!)The picture at the top of my blog is done in Photoshop so the name 'Jessie' is just a layer and nothing to do with the blog name change. Hope this makes sense! :)) x


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