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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Jump into my Boots.

And here's the evening version. The boots are in Artrage Demo as you can see by their little speel that inserts itself. I could paint over it but they are a nice company and charge a very reasonable price for their software which is guaranteed to make you feel about seven years old.

The guitar ladies are coming here on Thursday afternoon for a practice. It is already taking on a very surreal quality in my head. That would my left Eric the poolman, his wife the reiki masseuse, the anetheologist (not even going to try and spell that) out back building a house and swimming pool his divorcing wife doesn't know about. Four pretend guitarists in my sitting room. And to the right Henry and his invisible wife, who funnily enough has the same name as me...well, what they call me in Spanish anyway. All in all it could be an interesting illustration. I got an accordion folding out moleskine at Christmas. I could make an entire street in it.....


  1. Mmm...Moleskin!

    Hola Sr Henry!

  2. Boots to kill for (if they were real!!)Lets have a peak at your foldy-out moleskine when it's done? :)

  3. Great boots, perfect for dancing.

  4. Pretty boots.

    Have fun with the guitar ladies.

  5. Oh, it will be months before I will be able to touch a brand new sketchbook. It's so beautiful I just stare at it. I don't know whether to do a street market, an orchestra with dance floor, a classical orchestra or the street I live on...or the beach..or perhaps I'll have to ask for another moleskine for my birthday, ha, ha.

  6. Rog, do you require Dog Boots?


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