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Saturday, 1 August 2009


I found a very different blog today.

Well worth a look and full of interesting stuff.

The above is a banner which looks fine at 3,000 pixels wide but sadly doesn't work at all when scaled down. Back to the wacom tablet.

The air outside is like thick, grey peasoup. Someone has moved into Henry's house next door. A small, grizzled fellow dressed in purple and yellow bermuda shorts and flip flops. He doesn't believe in eye contact, and like Henry's wife, thinks he is invisible. But, he has the radio channel on all day, the one that broadcasts Spain's Old favourites from the Fifties" "Ayeee, Ayyee, Ayee Os ha muerto el canario!!!!"
(oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, the canary has gone and died on us).
I think Henry has probably paid him to look after the property while they skulk where ever they skulk. I'm pretty certain they don't know he has moved in.
The French over the street endlessly pressure spray their car wheels. "Bonjour vroomshwsshhh, tout va? Brooomvaaahshwooooo."

I am listening to Skye classical guitar FM. Really? It sounds like I am in a backpacker's hotel somewhere in Mexico...Who chooses these tracks?


  1. Great post! What a wonderful picture you have painted! Love it!

  2. Hi Louise. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your blog is so expressive and so like where I used to live. I am glad to have come across your site.


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