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Friday, 31 July 2009

Hundred Year Old Passport

Click on pic to enlarge.

Not quite a hundred years but almost. This is my grandfather who is leading me on a wild goose chase from his place in the skies. He joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1916 (Military Wing) and stayed in the RAF until 1947 yet I can find no record of him anywhere.
To add to the mystery my mother (his daughter) forgot to mention to both my father and myself that she had many uncles and aunts which we didn't know existed until I found a 1918 book of photos of them all in a hamlet called Bassingthorpe and visiting a place called Bezier Castle.
To really complicate things, my parents were vaguely related by marriage and shared a set of cousins...who were Swiss. My grandfather was brought up in Zurich because his father, from Edinburgh married a Veillon...who was a wait...forget it.

Ha, ha. I have a school report from when I was six which says "Rosie gets very easily sidetracked in her work."

Nothing changes.


  1. Hello! I am Marina Domecq... remember Medinaceli? Well, I found your name in the Web and want to congratulate you on your work. Please contact me at Would very much like to talk to you again.

  2. Marina!!!!!!!! How could I forget. Ha, ha. Wonderful. I'll email. Wow..can't wait.


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