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Thursday, 30 July 2009


I've just altered the Gordon Brown drawing a bit and turned it into a self portrait. I sleepwalk. Usually, I sleepwalk right to the fridge door and make myself crackers spread with Dijon Mustard or I glug gazpacho. I have been seen doing this even though I have no recollection of walking around at two in the morning.
But two nights ago my amazing nocturnal navigating skills failed and as I airily swung my legs over the side of the bed I landed thwump right on my tailbone...which actually still hurts, because...and this is true...I accidently walked off the roof of a nissan hut by mistake when I was about ten. Actually, I was running. It was a real Fred Flintstone moment as I hung in the air legs still whirring. The upside being that I didn't have to play hockey for six weeks...hooray.

Anyway, here's another "Town called Panic". Once you start you can't stop. I so want to make an animation along these lines...and I do have boxes full of such props and toys...

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