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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Holy Smoke

Since we are entering the festive season I have uploaded this small, smoking guitarist.

It is a bizarre week. Yesterday, I glanced out the door to find the painter and two collegues examining the merits of a hunting rifle on the porch. This morning the painter brought a bag of frozen wild boar which he had shot a while back. I googled recipes for wild boar but wasn't impressed by the thought of Korean wild boar meatballs so will make a casserole.

The guitarclass went fine for once. I am starting to see music scores in a completely new light. This is great. Sort of like decoding the Voynich Mauscript.

Reader from Toronto...who are you?


  1. Is that where you keep your cigarette? ;) Hmm.... wild boar, not sure if that's what I'd choose to cook so I take my hat off to you! I'm still reading 'tab' and that seems to be enough for me, well done deciphering the musical coding!x

  2. Sure it wasn't "Curry 'n Wild Boar"?

  3. Jessie I am a smug ex-smoker and Rog, The boar was disgusting, texture of a carpet and as hard as a brick.Inedible but great gravy. When cooked properly, boar is great.


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