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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Yoo Hoo

You have to listen to this...really. Why doesn't the whole world know about her?

Visited Alice who used to be Frank and gave her a very smart handbag from Sears for looking after Arty while I was away.

Henry arrived back in the middle of the night. His car is parked roughly a meter away from the pavement. At least he remembered where he had left it this time. I caught a glimpse of the invisible wife the other day. A smear of a pale housecoat and a soft thud of a flip-flop as she dissolved in the morning light.


  1. I've just painted a yellow hill type thingey. Looks a bit like this one you're hiding behind. ;)

  2. Ha, ha. I just picked the drawing at random from an old folder...but it's a bit like that film where everybody builds domes of mashed potatoes...hee, hee.


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