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Saturday, 14 November 2009

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My extra special moment of the day being placing my hands into a cardboard box and discovering the screwtop salad dressing bottle had unscrewed itself...I don't even like salad dressings that come in bottles. I prefer to splash around with olive oil, garlic, all sorts of vinegars and lemons. The only reason I had a bottle is because there were no cupboards for three months.
Not only that, but the food colouring bottles had unscrewed themselves. Not that I have used food colouring since the days of homemade play doh. Anyway, the yellow sort of washes off but not the red and blue. A condiment poltergeist?

Henry and his invisible wife are still in residence. What do they do all day¿ Why does everybody on this street have agoraphobia? Am I living on a Lay Line? Hello? Hello¿

Close your eyes and drift away with this...

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