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Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Here's a conversation that took place in the seat behind me on the bus.
Her: "So...did he snitchon her?"
Him: "Yeah, he snitchedon her."
Her: "Holy Sh$$"
Him: "Yer, Holy Sh$$, eh. He went n' snitchedon her."
Her: "What dya feel about that, like?"
Him: "I don't give a sh$$. You know what I'm like."
Her: . "So, he went and snitchedon her."
Him: Yer, she got well and truely snitched,eh"
Bus Driver: "Snitched eh? EGLINGTON and DANFORTH."

Oh, and by the way. I almost collided into Camilla. You know, the one that married the one with the ears. She was crossing the road just outside the Toronto Music Conservatory and surrounded by men dressed in black. I felt quite sorry for her. The rest of the world was busy heading down Bloor Street oblivious of her presence.

I bought this music from the shop up the road.

I'm not saying I can play it, mind...

And here's the shop...

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