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Friday, 1 May 2009

Bean Curry

I can honestly say I excelled myself by making the most disgusting bean curry with curdled yoghurt in the whole world today. Popping mustard seeds, black cumin seeds, red hot chile powder, garlic, spinach and tomato in an insipid and watery sauce. It was so horrible that even Colgate can't help.
Sometimes I hit a key that makes italics but which one is it?


  1. I'm usually very charitable about other people's cooking but this sounds like an exception! As I always say we learn more from what we get wrong than what we get right! Is that a cigarette in your hand?x

  2. No, no, not a cigarette. I've just made it to two years without a cigarette. Used to smoke two packs a day!!!!!!!!!

  3. You can something rather like that at Asda over here.

  4. You mean like turn it into a Paul Newman type of health food, ha, ha.


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