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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Seeing Red

I would like to rant along with my fellow blogger today too. About a month ago I ordered online via a very well know Spanish store...I ordered a television to replace the box we have which has green lines flashing across it or red dots depending on the time of day. It is also the size of a small tank and for once in my life I am in the position of actually buying something I don't need. I needed the guitarlele.
So a couple of weeks later I get an email saying the order would be delayed a little because the store had not received them yet. Then a couple of weeks later another email saying regrettably there was another delay and the television would arrive in the first fortnight of May...possibly. Then today an email saying the order had been cancelled but thanks so much for thinking of them. So, I emailed back and asked why the order had been cancelled? So they wrote back and said my bank in Scotland had denied the transaction. So I rang my bank who said we can't tell you anything. You have to ring the number on the back of the credit card. So I rang that and listened to half a Beethoven Symphony and spoke to a very nice lady who said there's no problem at all with the card and there's no sign the Spanish store had ever been in contact about the transaction in the first place. So I emailed the Spanish company back and explained that it was a little strange that my credit is as trustworthy as Queen Elizabeth and would they please explain. I don't know why I bothered really. Deep down I know they never had that model of television delivered from their suppliers. I'll just have to stick with the epilepsy inducing thing we have now.

Paco told the man from Morrocco that Henry is here. News travels fast in this town. I saw the invisible wife in an outside bar this morning supping a beer at nine in the morning. I wonder if she saw me? Is that the sound of swords being sharpened, I hear?


  1. How enfuriating! It's bad enough when it's all in you own country. Didn't the invisible wife get drenched in this morning's rain? No, maybe not, silly question.x

  2. The rain has arrived here this morning. No sign of invisible wife so far today.


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