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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Invisible Wife

Henry and his invisible wife have arrived next door today. Their central heating is rumbling on and off. Nearly everyday a nice man from Morrocco cycles by to claim the money they owe him for painting their house during their last visit. Everyone on the street, in fact, has a little pact to let him know the minute Henry shows up.
That, and taking into consideration that the local police are always asking if anyone has seen the invisible wife, should make for an interesting stay.
They always sleep in the day and surface in the evening and she never goes outside. Rumours abound of she maybe stabbed her first husband and she never divorced before she targeted and married Henry. Just like Coronation Street.
Anyway, the above drawing is of what Henry might look like should the bicycle man slay him with a sword. I hope I have managed to express a look of slight disbelief on Henry's face.


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