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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

What are you doing up here?

I met a flasher yesterday. He was actually waiting for me on the cycle track after he had seen that was where I was heading. Terrific, now I can't cycle there until summer when there are people around.
Still, first guitar class of the year yesterday. Surprised the teacher by playing halfway through a piece by memory. Surprised myself. He's trying to get me to go on a two day guitar course in a town not that near to here. I've refused every year because of the agoraphobia stuff but I really want to go. But it would probably take four hours to get there with the train combinations. Arrg, I'm just talking myself out of it! I hate agoraphobia...


  1. I'd be terrified to go too, I really like working from home so I never need to worry about going anywhere!
    I always thought if I met a flasher, I'd point and laugh defeating his object but I suppose you never know if that would make him attack....eek! Oh I sound like such a scaredy cat don't I?x

  2. I always thought I would laugh too but it actually feels very threatening. It's a real pain because there are not many places to cycle here unless you're a mountainbike athlete!

  3. Agoraphobia does really suck. I used to have it too, it was really hard to deal with.

    I respect your courage for writing about it here! Although I know it can be frustration.

    Did you know there are (free) telephone support groups for agoraphobia (and other kinds of social anxiety) I call into them and they are really great, here's the address, , I can't tell you how great it is to have a group to call into, it has made all the difference for me!

  4. John, thank you VERY much for that. I will look into it!


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