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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

If you look through the keyhole you might see...

Having had a very dubious education this is my interpretation.
I am very perplexed that after thirty three hours of running, yoga-ing, aerobic-ing on the Wii , my waistline after losing four inches, (what a shocker) remains resolutely at imminent heart attack measurement. This is not fair. Half a kilo lighter...also not fair.
Dentist on Thursday, level 1.  fear level in progress. Dentist also means a visit to the telephone shop to be bewildered by the purchase of a mobile. It is time to connect with planet earth. The only problem being....that when I want a gadget, I want the one that does everything or I would rather go without. It will be an exercise of major restraint.


  1. Are you really Tim?

    Ps get an iPhone if you can.

  2. Am I really Tim?...hold on,. I'll ask.

  3. Just by ten phones, then you will have everything. You really have to get your teeth into this things.

    But go for that dental check up first.

  4. I don't envy you buying a phone in a country that isn't your mother tongue! (Unless it is of course!) I need to know everything it does when I buy something so I tend to go for the simplest one I can find otherwise I'd have to spend all my time playing with the gadgets on it!xx

  5. I believe the original Wife of Bath, apart from being a skilled seductress, had gap teeth and wore a runcible hat which fastened under the chin. I'm not certain how far your portrait implies these qualities, but much may be hidden beneath the suds.

  6. Jessie: I love gadgets, anything with strings, cables, buttons and keys and of course...pens, pencils, paintboxes, digital paintboxes, the list goes on.

    Christopher: It seems I have indeed posted her portrait before I read your comment.

  7. Now there's an interesting new game. We write the comments first, then you do the post to go with them. Just needs a bit of basic telepathy.

  8. Brilliant idea. I'll start if off today.


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