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Sunday, 10 April 2011

The meaning of bath

Alice wore black and with heels as long as my hands which brought her up to around six five. She is shortly to set off to sail down the French canals with her dog who I will name Golightly (she doesn't). Her adventures will provide quite a bit of entertainment.Last year, she was detained by the port police as soon as she entered was narrowly missing a cross channel ferry that annoyed them. That, and ripping a row of fishing rods out of the hands of  French fishermen as she screeched by in her boat. I plead with her to write a book of her sailing adventures. She always says no so I will do it for her.


  1. I up my bid to a tin tub, a bar of carbolic, and a copy of Chambers dictionary (which says 'altricial', by the way.)

  2. Bid accepted, ah naw, now I have to go and change it.
    I'll up it to you're in charge of proof reading the cartoon book that I'm going to do.

  3. Done! Hah, I got away with not filling the bathtub with euros.

  4. Sign me up for a copy of that book, please!

  5. If she's wearing such high heels how can she set off "shortly"?


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