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Saturday, 5 March 2011

party girl

I kid you not. Click to enlarge if you dare. The latest fashion craze here is thigh boots with lots of straps, buckles and shiny bits. It appears compulsory to wear them with mini skirts. Enormous bum? No problem. Cellulite so bad it shows through thick, shiny tights. Bah, who cares? Not these ladies.
I saw this vision by the gas station this morning. This is probably going to shape the lives of the two small onlookers who gazed in awe at this leatherclad godess.

Apparently it is "Carnaval" today and Nuria has bought an "outfit" for Paco. I cannot imagine Paco in an "outfit". He is a cool harmonica player in his spare time. You saw the video here first. Highway 61.

Beautiful bike ride by the sparkling, sapphire sea, birds singing, pine trees pining. For the smallest moment I was completely at one with the universe.


  1. We get them a lot down the Oxford Road, but not generally till may is out. Treat in store for me (?)

  2. I don't suppose this could have been a religious vision? The Olympians had an annoying habit of descending in disguise among ordinary mortals and artists to see what reaction this provoked. St Bernadette of Lourdes saw such a vision just when capacious blue cloaks with hoods were right out of fashion. Perhaps you should have offered this 'person' a joss stick or honey cake with a €0.02 coin inside?

  3. Or perhaps sticking a hat pin in that broad derriere...

  4. Tim: This isn't a lady from the local puticlub. This is what the ladies about town are actually wearing at the moment. In a few weeks it will be flip flops and kaftans.

    Christopher: Thank you for the idea. I will be opening a stand selling miracle bottled water from the Hermita de San Martin in a few days.

  5. idlethoughts: What an explosion that would make. Bit like that Lopez singer I imagine.

    Tomas: Vaya ole ole ole


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